Apply for vacant flat

Go to and log on to My pages. Choose available objects.

Vacant objects are published under the CIS website every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm as long as there are rooms left.

Housing offer

Observe; You receive the contract immediately, if you are the first person to apply for that specific flat.

See the CIS website for useful information under each housing area description (the move-in information). 

The contract is sent automatically as pdf document to the e-mail you have registered in the housing application.
If your e-mail settings do not allow pdf files, you can not receive the contract. Please change the e-mail address or the settings.

Sometimes the contract may go to your junk mail depending on the settings in your computer.

If you can not apply for a specific flat, the reason may be that someone else already got the contract.
When there are many students applying simultaneously, it takes a few minutes before the website is updated.

Respond to the offer

Accept the offer

Print out the contract, sign it (date and handwritten signature are needed), scan the contract and send it in four days time to e-mail  (or to fax number +46 31 3336301.)
We send you a confirmation when the flat is booked for you.

Decline the offer

Send an e-mail to, write the flat number and your name in the message. Please reply in four days time. We shall delete the offer and you may apply again. You can decline two offers.

No reply

You have four days to respond to the offer counted from the day the contract was sent to you. In case of no reply from you, we delete the offer after four days and your application will be blocked.