Housing options

Western Göteborg

Single rooms in shared apartments in Västra Frölunda at MarconigatanNäverlursgatan and Gånglåten.
The apartments contain 4-7 single rooms, a living room, kitchen and one or two bathrooms with  toilets. The communal areas are shared by the tenants in the apartment. Each person has a lockable single room.
Each single room is for one person only. 

The room size varies from 10 to 15 m2. Travel time by tram from Chalmers campus Johanneberg to Frölunda Torg is 16-20  minutes.

This is a good opportunity to run a household collectively with your flat mates and get new friends. This option is ideal for groups of 4-7 students who want to share an apartment.

One room flat with private kitchenette and bathroom, size 25 m2, in Högsbogatan

Eastern Göteborg

Rooms with private kitchenette and bathroom at Studiegången (19 m2) and Brahegatan (20 m2). These flats are intended for one person only.

Central Göteborg

Single rooms in Mejerigatan 2 A and B. Room size 14 m2, with access to kitchenette and shared bathroom. There are four rooms in each corridor.  Two persons share each bathroom.

Important; Only one person may stay in each single room.

Single rooms with private bathroom and access to shared kitchen at RotaryOlofshöjdKjellmansgatan, Viktor Rydberg and Medicinaregatan, room size 16,4 to 22,6 m2.
The rooms at Viktor Rydberg have shared shower in the corridor, access to communal kitchen and private toilet in each room.

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