Pay the first rent in advance

The rent for the first month is paid in advance.

Those arriving in August/ September pay the first rent, which is for September, at the end of July.

Students arriving in mid January pay the first rent in the middle of December. The first rent is for the second half of January.

The rent is always due in advance. When you have accepted the housing offer, you will be able to see your rent account under My pages on the SGS' website.

The invoice for the next month appears under My pages, My housing, the rent  at the end of each month. 

You find the Payment instruction here.

At the start of the autumn semester it is  important to pay the first rent before the 1st of August. The contract may be cancelled, if the advance payment is missing.

Please check the payment registration under My pages, the rent, after 8-10 working days.

Annual rental adjustments

The Swedish landlords conduct negotiations of the rental rates with the Swedish Union of Tenants every year in November-December.

Therefore the rent for January may be higher than in December.

There will be an increase of rent for most of our properties from January or February when the agreement has been reached.

In contracts sent to new tenants during November-December the rent is preliminary, if the new rent levels have not been established.