Moving in


You sign for the keys at your Kundcenter. Keys can only be collected during office hours.

Bring these documents toyour Kundcenter on arrival;

  1. Identification document
  2. Proof for rent payment (if you paid only recently)

Please don’t count on that you can move in before the start of the lease.

It is useful to read the move-in information under each area description before arrival. You find the inventory list in the move-in information.

SGS Kundcenters (local offices)


Each housing district belongs to a certain Kundcenter, see the addresses below.


Kundcenter Utlanda:     Högsbogatan, Marconigatan, Näverlursgatan, Gånglåten, Dr Lindhs gata

Address: Utlandagatan 24, 412 80 Göteborg

Tel: 031-333 64 20

Fax: 031-333 64 21

Office hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm

 Kundcenter Johanneberg      :                            Rotary (Richertsgatan), Viktor Rydberg, Kjellmansgatan, Medicinaregatan

Address: Richertsgatan 2 A, 412 81 Göteborg

Tel: 031-333 64 40

Fax: 031-333 64 41

Office hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm


Kundcenter Olofshöjd: Uppstigen, Framgången, Motgången, Omgången and Mejerigatan 2

Address: Utlandagatan 24, 412 80 Göteborg

Tel:  031-333 64 00          

Fax: 031-333 64 01

Office hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm


Kundcenter Rosendal:   Studiegången 3-4 and Brahegatan 9

Address: Studiegången 6, 416 81 Göteborg

Tel:  031-333 64 60

Fax: 031-333 64 61

Office hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm


Please turn to your Kundcenter for questions about:

  • keys and locks to our apartments

  • inspections (when moving in or out) and if the flat is not clean on arrival

  • fault report

  • cleaning

  • facilities at your housing area


    Contact the Kundcenter by telephone or use the contact form under My pages. Please type your complete address in Göteborg in contacts with the Kundcenter.



Your flat has been inspected a few weeks before the previous tenant departed. Log on to My pages under the CIS website and click on Inspection for more information. Here is our inspection report (SGS Besiktning) and the tenant's inspection, which is for you to fill out (Hyresgästens besiktning).

If you have questions about inspection, please contact your Kundcenter.

Untidy apartments

We don't inspect cleaning carried out by the previous tenant. Contact your Kundcenter at once, if you are unhappy with the previous tenant's cleaning. In order to assess cleaning, we will have to look at your flat.


You find an inventory list in the moving-in information for your area. Check that all items on the list are in the flat. Textiles, e.g. sheets, curtains and shower curtains are not included in the furnishing, nor are light bulbs or kitchen utensils.

Observe; Beds come without mattress in Rosendal, Rotary and Kjellmansgatan. We recommend you to bring your own mattress or to buy one, for instance at IKEA.