Rent payment

Rent payment

The rent is paid to SGS bank giro 602-9797 in advance the last weekday every month at the latest.

If your rent will be paid from abroad, use the payment instruction found under "Before arrival". Students who want to pay in Euro can use the SEPA credit transfer. Please round up the amount so that it corresponds to the rent amount in Swedish currency (SEK).

Observe that the registration of payment on your account may take several days and the amount should have arrived to the SGS by the last weekday every month.

How to find my rent information?

Observe that you must log on under the section CIS International Students to see your rent invoices.

Go to and scroll down to CIS international students. Log on to My pages with your user name and password. Choose The rent on the horizontal menu.

Always refer to the latest OCR number, which differs from one month to another. Without the OCR number we can not identify the payment.