Before arrival

Rent payment

Students arriving mid August should pay the first monthly rent in advance, before the 31st of July to ensure the booking of the student room. The rent paid in advance is for September. You find the payment instructions here.

If your contract starts in mid January, you pay the rent for the second half of January in advance by the middle of December. The exact amount will be visible under "My pages" when the flat has been booked for you.

Check your account under My pages / The rent on the SGS website for Chalmers' students. If the payment has not been registered two weeks after the payment date, please contact the SGS office for payments. 

Observe that the SGS does not send you any confirmation of received payment.

The rent is always paid in advance the last working day each month at the latest. A new invoice appears under My pages at the end of every month. The OCR/reference number varies from one month to another.